6 Steps to a Fit Mind & Body

About me

Hi, I’m Michelle, here to guide you to a more balanced life.

Michelle is an avid fitness and wellness enthusiast committed to helping others discover their own lifestyle of design. Spanning the past decade, her interests have evolved through behavior change, sports psychology and simple wellness practices for body and mind. She radicalizes personal choice in all areas of our lives, creating a schedule that fuels and fulfills instead of burning out.


With a B.A. in Philosophy, her wellness career began with Monkey Bar Gym Fitness & Plant-Based Diet Programs. From Barre and Yoga teaching certifications to National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, she’s intimately familiar with how healthy habits affect productivity, happiness and accomplishments. As a Behavior Change Specialist she knows what it takes to create real, lasting impactful shifts in our daily habits to create the life we desire. 


She encourages each individual to dive deeper into self-awareness by recognizing unhealthy habits keeping them from their ultimate goals. With attention to time management and scheduling, she believes each of us has the potential to get whatever we desire in health and wellness through small, manageable changes.


For Functional Yoga: Most recently, her education and work has included the Gymnazo MultiDimensional Movement Trainer and Certified Applied Functional Science with Grays Institute to become a Female Core Conversion Specialist. 

My Methods

Create balance with healthy habits.

My approach to establishing healthy routines are practical & easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align your body and mind for confident balance.


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I am confident you will find success in applying the principles I teach in my workshops or guides. You will absolutely love them!