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Knowing Your Self-Worth: 5 Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Worth

Do you know your self-worth?


Self-worth: the sense of one's own value or worth as a person; self-esteem; self-respect.


Do you feel like you currently have a sense of self-worth?


Have you checked in with your self-esteem recently or self-respect?


When making decisions in life, we often fall back to our habitual way of thinking & feeling about the world. The way we think & feel about the world is reflected by the way we think & feel about ourselves.


So… when your self-worth is high, the way in which you show up in the world is reflected in that. When your self-worth is a bit lower, then well - you know.


We find that the more self-esteem, self-respect & self-worth someone has for themselves, the better choices they’ll make in their lives.


Do you feel worthy of exceptional health & wellness?


The amount of care you have yourself can directly be reflected by how much you exercise, what you eat, the amount of time you sleep, the words you say to yourself & so much more. Essentially we have this underlying, subconscious current of self-worth & self-value that determines the choices we make.


Notice that even seemingly “healthy” people can be hurtful or harmful to themselves, so we aren’t talking about look or aesthetics here. It’s not easy to determine what anybody else’s self-worth is, but you can hone in on yours.


Let’s start with some reflective thoughts… so pull out your journal & contemplate.


Journal Prompts:

  • Do I care about my wellbeing? What are the ways in which this shows up in my life?
  • How would I measure my sense of self-worth?
  • Do I keep my word to myself? Why or why not?
  • How would I describe myself to someone else?
  • What is the level of commitment I have to myself? (I.E. In reaching goals, in respecting boundaries, in following through with desires, etc.)
  • Do I value my time, my energy & my integrity?
  • What are the ways in which I sacrifice my desires/interests/goals in order to meet other peoples’ needs?


These are some heavy topics. This is some contemplative, deep-dive work that takes energy & thought.


So if you are truly interested in improving your sense of self-worth, your level of self-respect & your overall self-esteem, this is where we start.


The road to success, to overcoming these blocks & to establishing confidence in who you are (including what you have to offer by just being you) is not an easy road. But it certainly is one worth traveling.


Once you’ve taken the time to answer these questions, consider the ways in which your life would be enhanced with an improved sense of self-worth.


With self-worth, self-respect & self-love you can:

  • Eat better
  • Exercise more regularly
  • Avoid toxic people
  • Get more sleep
  • Be kinder to yourself with words
  • Take care of your finances
  • Enhance your environment


Now reflect & write out in your journal the real-life, tangible stories of what your life would be like if you had a healthier sense of self-identity & improved self-worth.


Possibilities of Potential:

  • Would you be able to show up more confidently to serve your clients?
  • Would you take the time you needed for healthy meal planning, preparation & execution?
  • Would you turn off screens a couple hours before bedtime in order to get restful sleep?
  • Would you let go of toxic relationships that were holding you back?
  • Would you move to a new city or country?
  • Would you write the book you know you have bursting inside of you?


When you unleash your sense of self-worth, let go of the lack of value you feel reflected in who you are & you start showing up with the self-respect you deserve from birth - your life will begin to transform.


Releasing the shackles of limitations, embarrassments & blocks that come along with feeling unworthy is the process of allowing yourself the freedom to be successful.


For us, that focus is on choosing health & wellness.


For you, that could look any & every which way! Opportunities abound when you’re ready to step into a vision of yourself that is worthy, valued & respected.


Your commitments to yourself will be easier kept & you will be able to maintain the integrity of your word. If you are planning to work out, you will. If you know that vegetable choices are better for you & nourish you more fully, you will eat them.


The choices you make are determined by your self-worth.


Let them be healthy, supportive & productive choices!


Now, in your journal - open up to a new page & write out the affirmations below. Give them space. Take your time & as you do - say them out loud. Impressing them into your world.


5 Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Worth:

  • I am valuing my time, my energy & my wellness
  • I am setting healthy boundaries in my relationships & my work
  • I am practicing integrity when I keep my word to myself
  • I am competent, capable & confident in my abilities to succeed
  • I am successful, accomplished & worthy of love at all times


When you have a healthier sense of self-worth & self-esteem, the care you take of yourself is that much greater.


We hope you’ve found some helpful ways to start stepping into your power! Start taking care of yourself by beginning with mindset & letting choices in the physical world follow.


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