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5 Smoothie-Making Hacks

As the active go-getter type that you are, we know you are always on the search for the best hacks, tips & tricks to make your life easier.


You may spend hours scrolling through social media, but want to know the fastest way to get the benefits of meditating without actually sitting down.


We like, totally get it!


So we're here for you! We got you! We feeellll you.


You want your smoothie-making time to be short, to the point & effective. Kind of like your PowerPoint presentations. Well, you are in luck today, because you've searched & we've found...


These hacks will save you time, energy & resources.


The Her Healthy Habits 5 favorite smoothie-making hacks:

  • Put Some Prep in Your Step: Prep your favorite combos on Sunday before the week starts. Choose containers or even baggies that can hold all your fruits & veg you want to include in a serving. Portioning out your smoothie ingredients in advance will save you valuable time each morning when you get ready for your epic, positive, shiny day ahead.
  • Be a Spin Master: Get everything ready in advance & keep your blender blades spinning as you add in ingredients strategically. If you haven't, check out our perfect meal article here to learn the order of operations. Variable blenders like the Vitamix are excellent choices, but whatever you're working with - rev that baby up & don't let it stop till you're through.
  • Ice Ice Baby: Adding ice isn't meant to be a filler, but it can help brighten up the flavor & increase blendability of your smoothie just a touch if you feel like it needs some oomph. Throw in just a couple of cubes towards the end of your adventure to avoid watering down, but enhance the blendiness of your smooth operation.
  • DIY Blender Blend: Find yourself pulling out the maca, cacao, flax meal, hemp & chia seeds every time you wanna blend? Well, take them all out once - maybe on Sundays when you prep - to create your own DIY powerhouse blend of powders & seeds. Choose the ratios you want & mix away in your very own glass jar with an extra cute label. One & done at smoothie hour.
  • Let it Go... Let it GOOOO: Frozen anyone?! Elsa may be onto something with the cold never bothering her anyway. Buying frozen spinach & other greens or prepping your own in advance is the fastest, easiest way to enjoy nutrient-rich greens in your smoothies. No washing or trimming, just throw in & go... goooo... go!


There you have it folks - 5 hacks that make your life easier, simpler & way more effective than the other guy fumbling his way around a blender.


Any smoothie-making hacks we missed?!


Give them a shout out in the comments or on our social feed & we’ll include them in the future. <3



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