6 Steps to a Fit Mind & Body

Learning to Prioritize Yourself

Are you the type of caretaker that puts everybody else’s needs before your own?


For me, this has been one of the biggest growing pains in the past year.


Especially through COVID.


My strong suits - being responsible, supporting others & bearing the burden of their wants or needs.


BUT - it’s incredibly unhealthy.


If you identify as a highly empathic person, you may be sacrificing your needs to meet the desires of others.


Which means taking on all the responsibility of weekly chores, errands, tasks and burdens.


Where does that lead?




💕Adrenal fatigue.




All of which I’ve suffered.


If you are a working, professional woman & you are, in your personal life, sacrificing your wants to meet others’ needs, it’s time to start recognizing it!


I’ve committed a lot of time & energy to making sure that everybody else is okay, but a lot of times I wasn’t taking care of myself.


Sure - I was exercising a ton & eating the right foods, but my mental health was way off track.


My self-care was a low priority.


The result?


It led me to overextending myself constantly. I was feeling stressed & resentful.


Which isn’t fun for anyone!


If you can relate, here are some quick easy steps and strategy to flip the script on your sacrificing nature.


  • Grab a piece of paper & create three columns.
  • In the first, write down all the tasks & activities you perform throughout the week.
  • In the second, write how much time in minutes you take to perform the task & categorize it as either love it, like it, or can’t stand it.
  • In the third, write out one or two options of other people who can take over the task for you - whether that’s a family member, an assistant or a contractor you can hire to take it off your hands.


Review your list.


And do the following:

  • Cross out anything that is completely unnecessary you’ve been doing that is actually superfluous. You know what I’m talking about - stop doing it.
  • Circle anything you love to do & map out a more appropriate weekly schedule that divides your time for that activity wisely.
  • Underline anything you can delegate or hire out for… rank them in order of priority, then list a date when you’re going to have them taken over.




A whole new approach to chores, errands and weekly tasks that keep stealing your time and happiness.


Now the tough part is actually having conversations with family to get the help you need or finding the right help to fill in the gaps.


It’s not impossible, it can just seem daunting.


If you’ve gotten this far, you are more than capable to better manage your schedule and relationships in a way that suits your needs.


So are you ready to start taking some steps toward change?


To start seeing what else life could be like without being weighed down by other people’s expectations of you?


Ready to see what opportunities you can take advantage of & see if you can move yourself forward in life along with thriving health?


Are you definitely interested in personal development, but don’t always know the direction to head or what to do on a daily basis in order to get you where you’re going.


You’re in the right place & the right time.


I have a group program that would be the perfect fit for you!


Send an e-mail to [email protected] to set up a free consult call & we’ll see about these unhealthy boundaries you’ve got going on.


It’s time to be assertive and start taking action. You are ready.

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