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Forget New Year’s Resolutions: Resolve To Create New Habits!

Written by Kris Louis - edited by Her Healthy Habits

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2021 is finally behind us (phew), but has anything really changed that much?


It’s an exciting time for many of us to start off this New Year with good intentions, and you may feel ready to tackle 2022 with hope for the future.


But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.


As we brace for what might be a tough few months ahead, it’s going to be difficult to uphold healthy new lifestyle choices or resolutions that seem counter to what we’ve been doing for years.


Instead, make 2021 the year you resolve to create better habits instead of simply setting resolutions that don’t stick.


Here are some sustainable ways to do it:

  • Get more sleep:

Her Healthy Habits has discussed the topic of getting enough sleep plenty. Unfortunately, most adults still hold tight to the belief that five hours is enough.


The truth is, the human body requires at 7-8 hours of sleep each night to function optimally.


Getting the right amount of rest will help you be more productive so that you can achieve your goals overall & stay on track with your habits.


Prioritize going to bed 30 minutes earlier each night until you can dedicate eight hours to peaceful slumber.

  • Purge bad energy from your home:

We’ve all been spending more time at home in the last nine months. That won’t change anytime soon. But as much as you may enjoy the sanctity & safety of your domain, it’s not always a positive environment.


Clear the air — literally & figuratively — by opening the windows & burning some sage or candles.


Redfin also suggests deep cleaning. It won’t take long to notice that your family argues less and is less critical of each other.

  • Shop smart:

Many people have used the pandemic as an opportunity to utilize online shopping services. This is wonderful because it gives you the chance to really think about what you are ordering & reduces impulse purchases.


But you still have to shop smart, & the American Heart Association asserts that this begins by reading labels.


You’ll also want to stick with whole foods, but when you cannot find fresh, local produce, buy frozen & watch for added salt or sugar.

  • Create more self-love:

We rarely love ourselves the way we love other people.


You may be overly critical of your body, job, hair, or parenting abilities.


Today is your day to stop comparing yourself to others & begin loving who you are.


Give yourself permission to positively affirm your existence each day.


Remind yourself that you are worthy of love & that you are surrounded by positive energy just waiting to be unleashed.

  • Exercise:

Chances are, your New Year’s resolution probably something to do with getting more exercise, losing weight, and getting fit.


But considering that most New Year’s resolutions are broken by February, you may want to rewrite your 2021 goals.


Instead of planning a huge body transformation, plan to exercise for 20 minutes each day. That’s just enough to get you started and will have an impact on how you look and feel.


It is a sustainable timeframe that will leave you energized, happy, and eventually craving more physical activity.


By making small, gradual changes to your habits, you can continue your forward progression.


These small actions might not seem like enough to help you achieve your resolutions, but rest assured that they will have the biggest impact.


While there is nothing wrong with having grand plans for the new year, any change starts with laying a solid foundation in adjusting your habits.

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