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Get Yo' Greens On (The Smoothie Way)

Come on through all you tasty, bitter, dark, light, dense, fluffy... and no, we're not describing the personality of your cat... We're talking about greens!


We're giving you a big ol' green light for our green pals.


Let's talk leafy greens & how adding them to your smoothie can be a game-changer in health.


You've got your big greens, small greens, thick greens, skinny greens & your questionable greens. All the greens!


To be fairly honest, it's one of the easiest & tastiest ways to consume your salad.


You can get all the benefits of like 10X the amount you can actually stand to chew.


Let's go through a short lineup...

  • Kale - every online wellness influencer's new best friend since it became the superfood of millennials. But really, it does pack a punch with 684% of the DV for your vit K, 206% of the DV for your vit A & 134% of the DV for your vit C - like WHOA. With its antioxidant profile best to eat it raw, but let the blender do the chewing for you.


  • Microgreens - they're like other greens but tiny. Don't let their small size fool you. They're like the miniature version of the big greens with a gajillion more densely packed nutrients. Micro-micro vitamins like C, E, & K for the win.


  • Spinach - pronounced phonetically speenahshe. This is our go-to powerhouse green, because you can hardly taste any trace of it even after adding a whole bag or bunch to a smoothie! Along with ample amounts of folate, just one cup will deliver 181% of the DV for vit K, 56% of the DV for vit A & 13% of the DV for manganese.


  • Romaine Lettuce - our bland & basic beezy kind of green. This blonde shows up for the green party, but can really only handle her water. Anyway, romaine has a surprisingly high content of vit A & vit K so throw it in for that good bulk!


  • Swiss Chard - we suggest the babies for this one. Full grown leafies can be a little on the earthy, bitter side but the babies are scrumptious. Too graphic? Anyway... add in baby chard for your much needed minerals of potassium & manganese.


Now the other greens not listed above could make their way into your smoothie. The variety of collard, cabbage, endive, arugula, turnip, beet, turnip the beet, & all the like.


But they're just not as tasty as the others so we're leaving them out of the blender for now.


So feel free, get yo' greens on & enjoy your smoothies with the perfect blend of nutrient goodness.



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Most of the actual sciencey-stuff pulled from our friends over at Healthline.

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