6 Steps to a Fit Mind & Body

How to Get Motivated to Workout & Get Work Done

Here’s what I know you want to hear…


That motivation is something you haven’t quite found yet, because you’re just wired differently.


Getting & staying motivated is something reserved for pro athletes, successful high-level entrepreneurs, & those 1-in-a-million type humans who seem not of this world.


But I hate to break it to you…they’re just the average person.


Like you or me.


And yes, they have different personalities or different propensities.


But there’s nothing extremely un-ordinary about them.


Rather, it’s what they CHOSE to do with their time.


Which skills they CHOSE to develop.


And which abilities they CHOSE to enhance.


Ask any successful athlete, millionaire or history-maker what their secret to success has been.


I can almost guarantee that none of them would say,

“I don’t know - I guess I’m just naturally motivated.”


Here’s the reality we don’t want to hear...


...motivation & inspiration aren’t out there floating around waiting for you to run into them.


They’re not a magical superpower only some of us have access to.


In fact, motivation & inspiration are so prevalent - literally anyone can take advantage of feeling this way.


The question is - how are you going to tap into the abundance of motivation & inspiration in the world?


Well - just like anything else, it’s about practice, consistency & repetition.


No, it’s not sexy or exciting all the time.


It’s actually quite boring - just ask the pros.


But, it’s what works.


Just like the time & energy you’ve put into your personal accolades, well-being is not just going to fall into your lap.


If you’re wondering how to get motivated to workout & even more so to get the work done you’ve been procrastinating, you’re in the right place.


Here’s what it takes: time, attention & energy!


But Michelle - that’s not a tip, trick or hack!!!


Yeah, that’s because motivation isn’t just about doing something once but consistently doing something over a period of time.


So, there are some great tactics to getting up & some ways you can game-ify getting motivated...


Which I’ll share shortly.


But at the end of the day, everything is going to take time, attention & energy.


Will it be worth it?!


You bet.


But you have to put in the practice, just like the pros.


Once that momentum starts to build, then motivation & inspiration will feel more natural.


Here are some simple tactics to get you motivated - to workout or simply to get work done!


Lay your clothes out in advance

Put on a great, upbeat playlist

Sign up for the class ahead of time

Schedule out time in your calendar

Set reminders on your phone

Promise yourself a small reward for doing the thing

Set a date & time with your friend to workout

Bring in an accountability coach

Put your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb

Listen to binaural beats for focus & attention

Get enough sleep so you have a clear mind


This is just the beginning of a list of ways to get motivated.


The important thing to remember is not one thing is going to work for everyone.


You are a unique human being (albeit average, but still positively unique!) so your motivation is going to look different!


Which means you need a unique approach to getting inspired to take action.


If you’re still on the hunt for figuring out how to get motivated to workout or continue to get work done productively, I’ve got you covered.


I can help you overcome the struggle & take intentional action through simple steps.


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Come get motivated with us!

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