6 Steps to a Fit Mind & Body

The Fit Identity: How Do You Measure Up?

Have you ever thought to yourself… I want to be the kind of person who… 


Fill in the blank.


  • Who is super bendy in all the yoga poses.
  • Who runs in the dark at ungodly hours of the morning.
  • Who walks the pups every day.
  • Who is addicted to eating greens & loves salads.


If so, I have too.


I get it… we idealize certain situations & consciously think about what life would be like if you could just be that type of person. (Other than health, this also applies to business, family, work, & friendships by the way.)


We identify certain traits or characteristics with certain types of people. And think to ourselves, if ONLY I could be the kind of person that does this thing, then my life would fall into place & I’ll become who I’m striving to be!


But fit or active or healthy doesn’t have to apply to a whole identity. Yes, we want to think of holistic health - looking at all aspects of life - but there isn’t one type of identity that you need to attain in order to reach your goals.


Stay with me on this one.


We often associate being “fit” with a type of person, a certain look, or a body structure. But fit or active or healthy can apply to anyone! In any circumstance.


Fit looks different on all of us & it’s a good thing that we can find it without filling into a mold.


So… how do you measure up?


Ask yourself:

  • What does it look like for ME to be fit?
  • How does my body look when I FEEL fit?
  • In what way can I DEFINE fitness that fits MY lifestyle?
  • Letting go of comparison, how do I see activity meeting MY NEEDS?
  • Without anyone telling me, which CHOICES can make me feel healthy?


A fit identity could be what you have right now! It could mean regular walks or 5-minute meditation sessions or getting up to stretch through the workday or showing yourself kindness. 


There are aspects of our lives where we can create a fit persona that also aligns with the rest of our identity. Rather than transforming ourselves completely into someone or something we’re not meant to be.


At the end of the day, you get to choose your identity - not try to fit into anyone else’s. And what’s working for them, might not work for you anyway.


With some education, some guidance & accountability it’s simple to implement healthy habits. It takes time, consistency & motivation. But all in all, it’s ultimately our responsibility to determine what works best for us when it comes to fitness, activity & health.


How will you decide to measure up in your "fit" identity?

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