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5 Juicy Ways Your Life Will Benefit After Decluttering Your Space

Does your physical space encourage a healthy lifestyle?


I used to hold onto old stuff - beauty products, food I didn’t like, old craft materials. 


I truly believed that one day I would use them … or at least do something with them. 


What I didn’t realize was how much mental energy they were consuming, how much physical space they were taking up & how all this old stuff was contributing to a sense of disappointment in my life...I was unconsciously harbouring a “if only/someday” attitude. 


Releasing all of my excess stuff has allowed me to better appreciate the things that I’ve kept. And Marie-Kondoing my life was truly life changing.


We don’t realize how much baggage we’re holding onto with our things. Weight & emotional stock are contained in the physical things that surround us.


Sometimes moving forward in a healthy way is only possible once we’ve decluttered all the junk from our lives.


So if you're feeling unmotivated in your space or bogged down by a seemingly unending "to-do" list at home, then it’s time to start decluttering.

5 ways your life will improve once you start decluttering

1. More time appears


How much time do you waste each day trying to figure out what to wear or tracking down misplaced items like your car keys? 


When you have an organized space you won’t have to doll out so much mental energy on insignificant things. You’ll get more time back allowing you to be more productive.  

2. Abundance starts to flow towards you


When you unblock the energy in your physical space you’ll find yourself unblocked energetically too. This magnetises your energy allowing abundance to flow more freely to you. 


And if that sounds a little too ‘woo woo’ for you, think about it like this, how much physical cash have you got lying around the house right now?? 

3. You become more productive


Being well organized in your space allows your productivity levels to soar. Especially if you work at home. 


When you’re not bogged down with guilt about clutter in your home your mind is clear to get on with the more important tasks of the day.

4. You create healthier habits


Trying to lose weight? Declutter your fridge and pantry. 


Want to start a daily jogging practice? Lay out your running gear next to your bed before you go to sleep. 


By decluttering your space of negative cues that trigger habitual behavior you’ll be well placed to start building healthier habits with ease!  

5. You gain clarity on your personal values 


The act of decluttering allows you to reevaluate what is truly important to you. 


Each time you intentionally release something from your life you are forced to ask yourself ‘Is this thing in alignment with the person I am today?’ 


Ready to declutter? Here’s what to do 


  • Organize those things you use every day, or very frequently, at the forefront of your closet, of your cupboards or on your shelves. Make them more accessible!
  • Decide on what you love. Keep those things. Recycle, donate, or get rid of the rest.
  • Paint, hang pictures, get new items, or rearrange old items. Design your space in a way that better fits you & makes you feel at home.
  • Ask yourself: how does your space make you feel? Joyful or sad? Open or claustrophobic? Can you easily see & find everything you need? Do you feel motivated to wake up every morning & get the day started?


The way we arrange our physical spaces reflects our internal minds & bodies. In order to stay on top of our goals, it's important to stay on top of our space.


Now I’d love to hear what you think! Share a story in the comments below about how decluttering has transformed your life. 

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