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Managing The Juggle: Survival Tips For Remote Working Parents alone time anxiety efficient entrepreneur family flexible work schedule future healthy routine her healthy habits motivation organize parent productive self-care self-fulfillment survival tips time audit time management time management skills well-being work-from-home working parents Feb 14, 2022

Working from home while caring for babies and toddlers is a juggling act that requires solid time management skills, adaptability, and a positive mental outlook.


Good organizational and self-care practices can help smooth the process, as will open and honest communication with your...

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5 Juicy Ways Your Life Will Benefit After Decluttering Your Space business strategy clean declutter environment home marie kondo minimalism organize weightloss Jun 30, 2021

Does your physical space encourage a healthy lifestyle?


I used to hold onto old stuff - beauty products, food I didn’t like, old craft materials. 


I truly believed that one day I would use them … or at least do something with them. 


What I didn’t...

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