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The Fit Identity: How Do You Measure Up? active business family fit fit identity fitness friendship health healthy kindness lifestyle measure up work yoga Mar 11, 2022

Have you ever thought to yourself… I want to be the kind of person who… 


Fill in the blank.


  • Who is super bendy in all the yoga poses.
  • Who runs in the dark at ungodly hours of the morning.
  • Who walks the pups every day.
  • Who is addicted to eating greens & loves...
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Anti-Racism & Social Justice Commitment anti-racism awareness black people business commitment community culture current events economic environment evolution family fear fight for justice her healthy habits heritage jealousy politics social justice technology white privilege Jan 19, 2022

Finding the Words to Stand & Speak Up as an Ally

Photo Credit: Natalia Iashnova


Sometimes there are no words.


When others seem to be speaking up so clearly, forcefully & articulately.


Sometimes it feels like there are no words.


With all of this discussion of ...

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Goals: It’s About the Journey, NOT the Destination business business strategy goal-setting goals health personal development personal growth success wellbeing wellness Jun 14, 2021

// Fit is not a destination, it’s a way of life. //


When we’re working towards change it’s easy to be consumed by the end result.


What does that mean?


That means your goal of losing ten pounds or eating vegetables with every meal or meditating daily is more...

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