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5 Smoothie-Making Hacks benefits easy life effective hacks her healthy habits save energy save resources save time smoothie smoothie hacks smoothie-making Mar 07, 2022

As the active go-getter type that you are, we know you are always on the search for the best hacks, tips & tricks to make your life easier.


You may spend hours scrolling through social media, but want to know the fastest way to get the benefits of meditating without actually sitting...

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Get Yo' Greens On (The Smoothie Way) benefits chew game-changer green health kale leafy greens lettuce microgreens salad smoothie spinach swiss chard Mar 04, 2022

Come on through all you tasty, bitter, dark, light, dense, fluffy... and no, we're not describing the personality of your cat... We're talking about greens!


We're giving you a big ol' green light for our green pals.


Let's talk leafy greens & how adding them to your smoothie can...

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To Barre or Not to Barre?! 8 Benefits of a Low-Impact Workout balance barre barre workout benefits benefits of exercise boosts metabolism cognitive health exercise health her healthy habits low-impact low-impact workout physical stability workout yoga Feb 25, 2022

We LOVE Barre here at Her Healthy Habits!


Quick Details:

  • Check our feeds for the pose of the day & capture your barre out in the world!
  • Post to IG with the hashtag #sparkbarrewhereyouare
  • Tag your hosts @sparkyogaslo & @her.healthy.habits
  • Follow all our sponsors: Zen Den...
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What Are the Benefits of Exercise: On Mental, Physical & Emotional Health anxiety balance benefits benefits of exercise confidence depression emotional emotional health exercise exercise routine mental mental health physical physical health self-esteem wellness workout Feb 21, 2022

At some point in time you've likely heard that exercise is GOOD for you.


But, what does good really mean when it comes to exercise & working out?


Today we're going to dive into:

  • benefits of exercise on your physical health
  • different types of exercise
  • benefits of exercise on...
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